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Dear ESA Construction,

I wanted to thank you guys for the great job you did on our office! When it came down to choosing between companies, I felt very comfortable with you guys. I narrowed down my choices to two respected groups, but my gut told me to go with ESA. I couldn’t have been happier with my choice.

You came highly recommended and I liked the personal touch that I received. Being my first office, value was at a premium. The pricing was always discussed up front before choices were made and I really appreciated that. I don’t like financial surprises at the end and with your planning, there were none.

I appreciated the year of service after the build-out to modify or correct any changes after “settling in”. Our patients love the office and I am proud of it as well!

I would be happy to discuss my experiences with any potential clients. Please feel free to use me as a resource. Thanks again!

David Mikulencak, DDS, MS - Mikulencak Orthodontics

ESA Construction

After working in other offices for seven years, I decided to build and open my own office. I met with several different contractors and was most impressed with ESA Construction. They showed me several of the offices they had built and all of them were impressive.

The building of my office went incredibly smooth. They accommodated all of my requests, including walls that curved and recessed lighting, and stayed below budget. ESA was there every single day to open and close the office and make sure the subcontractors were on schedule. Towards the end of the construction, I left the country for two weeks and was out of touch until I returned. I had no problem leaving all the details to the ESA Team.

They finished on schedule and without any surprises. I would highly recommend ESA Construction for anyone’s office

Kevin B Terrell, DDS - University Dental, PA

Dear ESA Construction,

Now that I have moved into the new office and the “dust” has settled, I can now officially thank you for all your help in realizing my dream of a new office. Your help in personalizing the design of the office, originally provided by Sullivan Schein, was invaluable. The design-build concept really worked better for me rather than bidding the job out to several builders. You worked hard to earn my trust and that trust was not violated during the building process.

I was amazed at how efficiently you handled the step by step process of going from plans to the actual building process. You really have your act together in building dental offices. When we moved in, there were the inevitable mistakes with subs, but all was efficiently corrected by your supervisors. Building an office was not as stressful as I might have imagined. I think you finished the build out on schedule because you have had so much experience in building dental offices.

ESA Construction – thanks for all your help and continued friendship even after completion of the construction. If I ever build another office, ESA is the company for me.

Sincerely yours in dentistry,

Joseph Hidalgo Jr. DDS - Tennyson Lake Dental

Dear ESA Construction,

The one thing that stood out when I decided on a contractor to build my office, was not the price, not the craftsmanship in the other offices, but the honesty by which other doctors had been treated by the both of you. I am unable to express my gratitude to ESA Construction for the wonderful job you did on building my office.

Your honesty, expertise and professionalism extended throughout your entire crew and subcontractors. Your personal oversight is more than I could have hoped for or asked. The extremely close supervision and attention to small details showed me a pride that most people no longer place in their work.

The guidance in the design, the layout and the finish of the office were unparalleled. Your truthfulness and candidness helped a stressful process go smoothly and efficiently. Your suggestions for saving costs without compromising design or functionality of the office were extremely appreciated. I felt that you had my best interests at heart and your management and coordination of the architect, interior designer and different subcontractors allowed the office to be what I wanted.

I now know my decision to use your company was one of the best things I have done for my new practice. If I had not been fortunate to have ESA build my office, the result would not have turned out as well.

Without a doubt, I would recommend ESA construction to anyone that is building or designing an office. Hopefully, you guys will be around when I am ready to build a new one.

Best regards,

William R. Phillips, DDS, MD - Park Cities Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

Dear ESA Construction,

I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did with the construction of my new office. The professionalism and expertise you showed during the time we worked together was more than I could have hoped for or expected. Having never been a part of a construction project before, I had many concerns and questions. You took care of all the details and answered my questions with honesty and professional insight. One thing that stands out and impressed me, was that the building owner, who has overseen many construction projects, told me that you were the most professional contractors he had ever worked with (and I agree).

Your time estimates were right on and we finished within the budget that we initially started with, which was greatly appreciated. Your onsite supervision and attention to detail made me feel that you had my best interest in mind.

I can’t begin to tell you how impressive your work is and that our patients continuously comment on how nice our office is. You made this project as stress free as possible and I truly believe that your work has contributed to our fast start as new start up dental practice.

I highly recommend you for anyone considering building a new office and I would gladly use your services again if and when I have a construction project.

Jeffrey W Moore, DDS - North Star Dental

Dear ESA Construction,

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for helping my vision become a reality. Your planning, expertise, and patience were something that I could not have put a price on. I know that much of my future success will be because ofthe early work you two did for me.


Nelson X Simmons, MD - Personal Family Healthcare

Dear ESA Construction,

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks in making a dream of mine come true. When I decided to build my first office in the Dallas area, I was a little hesitant. Having built multiple offices in the Houston area, I knew what faced me was a great challenge. I was new to the area and started to ask around regarding contractors to assist with this dental office. Every person I asked had recommendations, but yet, it always seemed that ESA was on everyone’s lips.

I expected to meet with many contractors before deciding whom to hire. But when I met with ESA my decision was made. You made me very comfortable and you listened! That was something I had not encountered in a contractor with my other offices. You were upfront on what was reasonable and what was not. You offered such great advice I knew this would be the beginnings of a great relationship.

I have to thank you. You assisted with so many aspects of the plans that I would have been lost and this would have taken so much longer than it did. For that I am grateful. Then along came ESA. You kept everything on schedule and never made a promise you could not keep. I live only a few miles from the office and I was there almost daily to see the progress.  I cannot ever remember seeing such a contractor who was so involved in the process. You kept all the subcontractors on schedule and you never let me down with the schedule. Every person I met in your crew was a professional in every word. You definitely hire the best and it shows.

It is amazing that so many people comment on the beauty of the office. The craftsmanship shows in every detail. I take pride in the final outcome but I know you take pride in it as well. I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation. You are not only my contractors but now I am lucky enough to consider you both friends. That is a rarity in this world.

Jeffrey Osborne, DDS - Legacy Ranch Dental

Dear ESA Construction,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy I am with my new office. I truly feel the success is due to your attention to detail and your willingness to take on a project that needed to be “bailed out”.

As you know, my landlord required me to work with their planner. She only had experience with medical, not dental. You saved me thousands of dollars when you reviewed the plans and corrected the electrical and the med gas. You also saved my relationship with Patterson Dental Supply by making sure the dental equipment plans worked with the general construction plans and by keeping such a tight construction time table. All of the building and ADA inspections went through the first time. I can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail.

ESA gets the credit for the appearance of the office. The previous planner was used to plain laminate counters and plain floors. I truly appreciate the amount of time ESA spent at the flooring showroom making sure the floors, cabinets, and paint all coordinated. The tile and travertine floors give the office the upscale look I wanted without exceeding my budget.

Please feel free to refer any future clients to see my office and to talk with me about the experience of working with ESA Construction.

Janet Gonzalez, DDS

Dear ESA Construction,

The first thing that stands out the first time I met both of you during the initial consultation & evaluation of my office space was your knowledge and honesty. I was impressed by your candidness in terms of what is necessary and beneficial in order to economize and maximize the planning and building of my leased space.

I had recently moved from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and didn’t know anybody in the construction business. I was glad to listen and follow the recommendation of Mr. Jeff Van Hess. Between the three of you, my office became a reality.

I sincerely appreciate the dedication and time that both of you had invested in the construction of my office. It was a wonderful experience, as most people would say it is the most dreadful part dealing with contractors due to inconsistencies, and cut-throat competitions. I admire the level of detail and precision that was emphasized during the entire phase of the construction. As an endodontist, I can certainly empathize the way ESA gives their undivided attention to every detail and corner of my office. The ad vices and recommendations given by ESA were well taken; he not only considered the economics but the efficiency and longevity too. These are wonderful traits that you do not often see with other competitors. If there was something that needs to be rectified, you can rest assure that they will inform you and make the necessary arrangements to modify and contact the individual concerned before you even noticed it. They are always ready and a step ahead of you.

All in all, I am glad to extend my recommendations to your future clients. I give you both double thumbs- up for your performance, professionalism and reliability.

Grace T. Chu, DMD, PA

This memo is to recognize the outstanding work of ESA Construction in the building of our dental practice, completed October 2003. ESA’s professionalism and true dedication to completion of the practice was outstanding. In addition, their exceptional service speaks volumes of their group. They were very accommodating during our endeavor of building a new dental office. ESA continually expressed ways to be cost efficient without compromising quality. Each idea was based on their experience of dental practice construction. With their vast knowledge, we were able to build a wonderful practice with all the amenities we desired. Their group was very accessible, always willing to offer guidance, and made our project together an easy transition from floor planning to completion.

We now have a beautiful office that everyone speaks of, with high regards. The results have exceeded our expectations. The meticulous details and overall appearance of our office is outstanding. It is without hesitation we at Banks Dental, P A recommend the services provided by ESA Construction to any provider.

We will look for the guidance of ESA in the future.

Deanna Banks, DDS, FAGD and Juan Banks, DDS

Dear ESA Construction,

I want to thank you for being part of the construction of my new office in McKinney. Since the first meeting with you to go over my plan and my expectations, I felt that communications with you guys was great and that you understood my ideas and concerns.

Your professionalism was evident since the first proposal for the project, the explanation of different options, and the materials selection to achieve the desired results. The people you have to take over the project onsite were very knowledgeable and they were constantly supervising the different steps, coordinating the crews, and making sure the office was finished on time.

Thanks again for doing such a good job for Stonebridge Endodontics.

Glenn Trautmann - Stonebridge Endodontics